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"In The Image" Personalized Photo Name Calendars

These calendars include Beautiful Photographs with the recipient's name in the image. For example: the recipient's name can be in the clouds, in the sand, On the water, on the ground or in the garden. All you have to do is email us an excel spreadsheet with their first and last names - we do the rest. (Include your order# in the subject line) We can even print the calendars so that their address is showing on the envelope for a small aditional charge. If you need help just email sales@calendarcompany.com or call us at (888) 372-1312. .....A GREAT GIFT!.....If you are ordering just one for a gift email us the name you want after placing your order.

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  • ..........IN Time for CHRISTMAS!
  • ..........Order 4 or more NLT Dec21,,,Deliver Dec24(#I17 or #I55)
  • ...Use Code "4B4" and we will ship 2 day UPS for the ground rate of $2.95
WOW! Can you imagine your name designed "IN THE IMAGE" or in the photo? Not added to it or overprinted but an integral part of the Image. Impress your friend,prospect or customer with their name IN THE IMAGE!
IMAGE PERSONALIZATION works no mater what you call it:
  • Personalized name calendar
  • Name photos
  • Personalized image calendar
  • Images of names
These calendars and products with image personalization will NEVER be thrown away!

2015 Photo Name "In the Image" Large Wall Calendar (I17)
Buy12/21 for Christmas Deliver

2015 Personalized Photo Name Small Desk Calendar... ($2.63-$15.00) (I55)
Gift with name $2.63-$15!. ........ Buy12/21 for Christmas Deliver

2015 Personalized Name Desk Calendars (Picture Name Calendar) (IV1)

2015 3 Month View Calendar with Your Name in the Image (I12)

2015 Photo Name "In the Image" Large Wall Calendar (I17_MOM)

2015 Personalized Name Desk Calendar (Large -11") (I1144)

In the Image (Name Photo) Post Cards (IPC)

2015 Personalized Calendar with Names Medium (8.5") Desk Calendar (I411)

Personalized Name T-Shirt (ITS)

Personalized Image Mouse Pad with Recipient Name in the PHOTO (IMP)

Folded Note Card with Recipient Name In the Image (Name Photo) (IGC)

2015 Desk Pad Blotter with "your name in the image" (IDB1)

Buy 1 today and see how effective your calendar advertising or product advertising can be. Or, buy one for a gift that will never be forgotten!