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Pet Rescue Fund-Raising Calendars

Are you looking for ideas on how you can raise funds for your pet or animal rescue operation or animal shelter? Our custom full-color calendars are great tools to do just that!

    How custom fundraising calendars can work for you:

  • Adorable photos of your rescued homeless pets & animals create emotion & raise funds for homeless pets all year.
  • With some relatively basic networking by you, these calendars will sell quickly through your own efforts, pet shops & vet clinics as well as through direct mail campaigns, Facebook, newsletters, etc. Proceeds benefit your adoption service!
  • IDEA: You can of course take and submit photos on your own, but consider additional fundraising ideas for animal shelters to generate funds. For example, many other animal shelters & pet rescue organizations have enlisted the help of a local photographer in order to get highest quality photos & expertise in photo shoot settings. You may even know of a photographer that specializes in pet photography shoots. In exchange for the photographer's services, you mention their business in form of a simple advertisement in the calendar. Or you could call on your clients that have adopted homeless pets before and have them submit photos - even create a 'contest' to help drive creativity & quality while creating a buzz about the project!
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