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Home » Advertising Business Calendars » Business to Business Promotional Advertising Calendars » Desk Calendars » 2015 or 2016 Personalized Photo Name Small Desk Calendar... ($2.63-$15.00) (I55)

2015 or 2016 Personalized Photo Name Small Desk Calendar... ($2.63-$15.00) (I55)

2015 or 2016 Personalized Photo Name Small Desk Calendar... ($2.63-$15.00) (I55)

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Name in photo Small Desk calendar includes your recipient's NAME IN THE IMAGE! This personalized name calendar uses a personalized photo or personalized picture to produce your picture name in the image This horizontal desk calendar has 12 beautiful images that are customized with the name of your someone special IN THE IMAGE! It has a small footprint and is a great gift for Anyone's special Day.
  • Enter up to 10 names to merge in the field below. If you have more than ten names please send them in an excel spreadsheet to art@calendarcompany.com. For proper excel file formatting, click here: 'How to Prepare and Submit Artwork'.
  • If your order is to include custom artwork like photos or logos, please click here.
  • For an extra fee, you can have us swap out any images from our standard set (shown) with others that we have in our image library (This only applies to 100 or more calendars). Call customer service to receive e-mailed library. Then based upon the number of images you want to swap, the charge is listed under Substitute Images below.
  • Specifications:

    size: 5.5" x 3"
    stock: #100 matte coated
    Ad size:2.25"x.5"
    weight: 8lbs/hundred

    Price Table
    Quantity Price/Ea
    1 $15.00
    2-4 $14.00
    5-24 $10.00
    25-49 $6.00
    50-99 $5.15
    100-249 $3.21
    250-499 $3.07
    500-999 $2.98
    1000-2499 $2.35
    2500+ $2.10

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    October 31st!

    Additional Options:

    Substitute images from our library. Check one::
    1- 6 Image swapped: $60.00
    7 - 12 Image swapped: $100.00
    List up to 10 names here:
    Split Year:
    Split Year for $10 (Calendar start is next full month following order date)
      Calendars inserted into envelopes     $0.21
    Do you want your ad imprinted?:
    NO, I don't want an ad.
    YES, I want an ad! ($65 set-up charge) Please read link below: "How to Prepare & Submit Artwork".
    2015 or 2016 calendar:
    Shipping Weight: 1.28 pounds
    ONLY quantities of more than 100 can have advertising!

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